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Food Division

Bimeks Group that made a principle of procuring from producer to consumer works with proven producers in Turkey and presents to its customers food products with best quality. The products that are provided from facilities having all necessary quality certificates and where healthy raw materials and advanced technology is used, differentiates the food division of Bimeks Group. Products of Bimeks Group which is an accredited supplier abroad with its principles means guarantee of taste in kitchens.

Construction Materials

Another branch where Bimeks Group is expert is field of construction materials. Our company that is dealing with construction field for long years, realized in Turkey various Industrisal Projects in Natural Gas Pipe Lines, LNG Strorage Facilities, Air Separating Facilities, Oil, Nutrition and Medicine fields and various Residential and Commercial Projects and presents all kinds of construction materials to our customers after providing them directly from  their producers. Our information and experience in this field, when united with competitive prices, locate Bimeks Group in the position of an accredited and dependable supplier in and out of Turkey.

Steel & Rebar

Bimeks Group produces ribbed reinforcing bars in the dimensions of 8-32mm according to international standards in rolling mills that work with high capacities. These reinforcing bars that comply with the standards in every stage of the production are exported to various countries of the world by Bimeks Group.

Vehicles & Machines

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